Message Types

Value Description
1 Error
2 Success
3 Information
4 Warning

Message Codes

Value Description
1 Operation was completed successfully

Passenger Types

Value Description
ADT Adult - Min age:12
CHL Child - Age:2-12
INF Infant - Age:0-2
SNR Senior - Min age:65
STD Student - Age:12-24
YNG Young - Age:12-17
MLT Military - Min age:18
DSL Disable
TCH Teacher - Min age:18


Value Description
TK Turkish Airlines
PC Pegasus Airlines
KK Atlas Global
GLL Galileo
AMD Amadeus

Location Types

Value Description
1 City
2 Airport

Disabled Types

Value Description
WCHC Passengers who are completely immobile and require a wheelchair to/from the aircraft and must be carried up/down the steps and to/from their cabin seat.
WCHR Passengers who can ascend and descend steps and move in the aircraft cabin but who require a wheelchair for distance to/from the aircraft
WCHS Passengers who cannot ascend and descend steps, where the wheelchair is required to/from the aircraft and the passenger must be carried up/down the steps but is able to make their own way to/from cabin seat