Getting Started

Start easily integration. You can make reservation just three steps after authentication. Read the step-by-step guide:


Login to web service and obtains token. Reference Method: GetToken

Get Itineraries

Get flights by requested itineraries. This itinerary request can be city code or IATA code. Reference Method: SearchPricedFlights

Get Flight Fares

Get flight fares for selected flights. Make sure called SearchPricedFlights method before this method. Reference Method: GetFares

Get Flight Details

If you want Get selected flight details like departure and arrival airport gates, terminal, baggage claim etc.

    Provider may not support.   

Reference Method: GetFlightDetails

Get Seat Map

If you want to seat map you can get selected flight seat map.

    Provider may not support.   

Reference Method: GetSeatMap

Ticket Reservation

Use this method for flight reservation or booking. Make sure called GetFares method before reservation. Reference Method: TicketReservation